#Lecture 3: 1905 – 1910

The Vienna Secession

What I found most interesting about this period was how features had slightly changed.  I was really compelled by Adolf Loos, (1870-1933).  he was a Czech-born Austrian architect and really encouraged Modern architecture in Europe.  he refused to recognise the Vienna Succession (Art Nouveau).  One of his first and major works included Villa Karma at Montreux, on Switzerland’s lake Geneva, 1904-1906.  What intrigues me the most about this peice of Architecture, is the contrast with modernism while still showing some regard to finer traditional details.

Villa Karma, Geneva – 1906

Adolf was only thirty-three years old when he was asked to transform an old structure into a modern country house.  He chose to plaster the exterior in completely white.  the entrace was a two storey high oval hole.  he abandoned ornament of any kind, which is why this change was so abrupt and radical at the time.

It does have a rectangular element, wich is very cubic and appears extremely solid, and cubic.  There is a strong sence of modern style with its defined ridgid structure and outlines.  There is also a tendency in this work where he aopts a horizontal approach to inmense the vertical space.

As one enters the house, materials are radically changed.  Here we aee how he pays attention to detail.   The door is engraved with a ying yang symbol. There are guilded tiles.  And also geometric black and white tiles on the floor, which in turn reinforces the oval shape.  The skylight also floods through wich adds to the intensity of the space.  What amazes me about this house is that the detaiing of the interior is magnificent.  Each feature never disappoints.  Each room is filled with richness.  Below is a photograph of what I believe to be the most breath taking room of the house… The master bathroom.

The use of marble allows this room to make a true statement!! And black marble really does exagerate the richness to this room.   It is not shown in this photo, however the entrance to the bathroom is made out of bronze and it’s surface studded.


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